About ZTI

Zafco Trading Inc; (ZTI) is a US based Corporation, to provide professional services in the oilfield & Energy Resources to its clientele.

ZTI is a one-stop shop supplier of oilfield equipment manufactures from USA & China, in oil & gas drilling onshore/offshore, geothermal drilling, production equipments.

Our professional technical consultant supports your operational target markets.

We provide our excellent services to supply world renowned OEM’s equipment, spare parts of drilling & production units to meet your requirement with our supply solutions.

Our OEM’s are API certified manufacture using API monogram along with Q1 & API 16A and various API licenses facilities.

ZTI worldwide network eligible to deliver oilfield equipments ensure your rigs (offshore/onshore) operations will continue without downtime hazard.

ZTI Human Capital services to provide all rig & oilfield trained engineers, technicians, mechanics, electricians, barge masters and other related staff, equipment familiar compatible with environment we could accomplish the task successful