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API drilling Stabilizer is important tool to control hole Deviation in oil & gas exploration drilling.

Drill String Stabilizer:           The details of Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizer as follows,

  1. Material:                   AISI 4145H Mod Alloy steel. Non-magnetic steel etc
  2. Types:                       Drill String type and Near bit type.
  3. Use:                           It is mainly used to stabilize the drilling tools in the process of drilling hole.
  4. Standard:                  API Spec 7-1 or SY/T5051-91Standard.
  5. Inspection & Test:   When producing, traceability are maintained from the receipt of raw material to completion of final products and serial numbers are die-stamped on each work piece body. During each manufacturing process, inspection and test are performed.

Integral Blade Stabilizer, Specifications:

  1. Material: AISI 4145H, AISI 4340, AISI 4140-4142 and Non-magnetic Material.
  2. OD of Bits: 6″-28″
  3. Hardfacing for IBS can supply: HF 1000,HF 2000,HF 3000,HF4000,HF5000
  4. Delivery Condition: finished stabilizer, semi-finished stabilizer forging or forgings.

Mechanical Properties:

  1. Heat treated by water quenching and tempering rough machined to drawing dimensions, UT Tested according to ASTM A-388
  2. Mechanical property:             Requirement:
  3. Tensile Strength:                    140.000PSI Min
  4. Yield Strength:                        110.000PSI (0.2% offset) min
  5. Elongation:                              13% min
  6. Reduction of Area:                  45% min
  7. CHARPY-V-N :                         4

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