Casting Structure RAM BOP                                                                                                                                                                                                              Casting Structure with Shear Function RAM BOP

The main pressure – contain parts, such as body, bonnet are using high strength & high toughness alloy steel material, all parts are shape casting and follow by accurate heat treatment.

The bonnet is connected to the body by hinge which can be opened manually to replace the Ram assembly. There are several slots at the Ram chamber bottom of the body which can remove the mud & sand automatically during Rams open and close, reduce the Ram movement friction, also improve the Ram self sealing.


Forging Structure RAM BOP                                                                                                                                                                                                             Forging Structure with Shear Function RAM BOP

The materials of main pressure contain parts such as body, bonnet, etc are high toughness alloy steel is processed and smelted under strict control to remove harmful compositions, non-metallic impurities through secondary refining and proper heat treatment to ensure the quality of the BOP.

The Ram chamber of the body is Oval Shaped in order to reduce the stress concentration.

The open & close of the bonnet and Ram are operate through the BOP hydraulic control unit; the bonnet open and Ram close be the same operation, while the bonnet close and Ram open can also be the same time.

The Ram assembly design is also Oval Shaped, same as the body Ram Chamber.

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