Choke & Kill Manifold

Chock & Kill manifold mandatory equipment for successful control of drilling well kick and implement of oil & gas well pressure control technologies. If hydraulic control cabinet deploys the system remote control functions.

Design & manufacture as API Spec 16 C / 6 A. We can provide as per client requirement.

Structural Characters:

The outlet connections of manifolds are compliance API Spec 6 A, it will be use together with other devices which to meet the requirement of API Spec 6 A

Plate valve made with corrosion, erosion resistance materials. The Rams & valve seat are weld by alloy materials; with that technique have excellent tightness to safe and reliable.

The core and throttle valve seat manufacture with hard alloy materials with high-quality washout resistance, beside will be use upside down, having significantly increase service life of valves. Systems have large valve cavity & adopter plunger type valve core structure. In comparison with normal acicular throttle valves having relatively larger flow rate and reduce the vibration & noise during throttle process.


Choke and Kill Manifold

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