Christmas Tree

The Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree are important equipments for oil exploration having composed at three (3) parts:   Casing head, Tubing and Christmas tree. The Wellhead equipment mounts on wellhead to connect with Casing String to wellhead, seal & control circular space between the casing to suspend the tubing to control pressure at the wellhead and regulate the flow rate of oil & gas wells as require the well closing or any special operation like; compressive fracture, acidizing, water injection, testing. OEM having full series of wellhead equipments, bore size range 46 mm to 179 mm (1-13/16” ~ 7-1/16”), rated working pressure range 13.8 MPa to 103.5 MPa (2000 Psi ~ 15000 Psi). The material grade is AA to HH and product performance PSL 1 to PSL3G.

Production use NACE MR0175 Standard.

The Gas Production Tree OEM implement

PFF 78-105 gate valve and PR2 performance certification test by the national & gas wellhead equipment quality super vision and inspector center, pass the certificate by Det. Norske VERITAS (DNV), filled the gap in high-end gas production equipment

Scope of Supply:

Working pressure: from 2,000 Psi to 15,000 Psi

Nominal diameter: from 1-13/16” to 7-1/16”

Working medium: crude oil, gas, drilling fluid, gas contained H²S, CO²

Working temperature: -46°C to 121°C (L U)

Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

To complete with air or hydraulic safety valve at option

2-9/16” ~ 10000 Psi
Wellhead & Christmas Tree

3-1/16” ~ 15000 Psi
Wellhead & Christmas Tree

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