Inside Blow-out Preventers - IBOP

IBOP:    We offers our “poppet-style” IBOP valves that automatically stop uncontrolled flow back and protect the swivel, Kelly hose and surface pumping equipment from high pressure Kicks and potential blow-outs. These valves can be installed anywhere in the drill string and will automatically open to allow normal circulation. Our optional release assembly allows the OEM IBOP to be used as a stand-by surface safety valve that can be quickly stabbed into the drill pipe, tubing or casing at the rig floor if a Kick is detected.

IBOP valves are available in one or two-piece construction.

The compact one-piece design eliminates the internal connection, and is ideally suited where space is at a premium or where handling weight is critical. Its smooth OD allows this valve to be run anywhere in the drill string.  The two-piece design is available when larger internal flow areas are desired. All valves are offered with a variety of threads and are matched to maintain drill string tensile strength capacity.

Mill certificates, test reports and Certificate of Conformance are provided with each valve.

OEM poppet-style check valve features a conical nose and metal-to-metal seat made from high strength materials. The design of the poppet, seat and bypass area minimizes the potential for erosion caused by long term, high rate circulation.

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