Jet Mud Mixer

For drilling mud treatment mixer special items to prepare the drilling fluids increase the weight by add & mix chemicals change the density, viscosity and dehydration of mud. The mixing system by water, chemicals in powder shape, mixing principle by impeller or venturi throttle, in each method aim to generate enough shares to end up in colloidal will effect more prominent matching with share pump

Mud Mixer details:

  • Hoppers are Venturi Hopper
  • Significant design for working pressure make pumps higher performance
  • Novel technique with superlative work in any condition
  • Accumulate drilling fluids weighing demand 1500 m ~ 9000 m well drilling operations
  • Hopper and pump are connected with pipelines, more flexible at hopper as well as pump capabilities
  • Pump design on mechanical seal type reliable & durable
  • Easy to maintain and operate

Mud Mixer Technical Parameters:

OEM of TRSLH series jet mud mixer is unit use together with the solid control system for oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), units include one sand pump / jet mixing hopper are installed at base with pipe and valves, it’s safe and stable can move conveniently, also available Twin Jet Mud Mixer as per client requirement

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