Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner be second & third class solid control equipment its newest type to treat the drilling fluid. Mud Cleaner higher cleaning function compare with separate Desander & Desilter. Having unique design of process it equivalent another shale shaker, OEM Mud Cleaner compact structure occupy small space and strong performance.


  • Environment Efficient: Mud Cleaner provide efficient removal of sand & silt particles larger than 15 to 20 microns, remove and dry drilled solids to meet environmental regulation minimize waste generate / reduce disposal cost.
  • High Performance:      Process capacity 1,000-gpm with 2-12 Desander & 900-gpm with Desilter concentrates solids on to classification of shaker.
  • Versatile:         Mud Cleaner operates with 2-12 Desander, Desilter or both to process weighted or un-weighted fluid system.
  • Extends Equipment Life:        Mud Cleaner reduces maintenance, repair & replacement equipments.
  • Reduce Operating Cost:         Mud Cleaner reduces sand & silt size particle and saves liquid, therefore reduce mud cost, stuck pipe, lost circulation and improve the rate of penetration.
  • Reduce Disposal Cost:           Mud Cleaner reduce waste produce and disposal cost.

Mud Cleaner Technical Parameter:

Versatility:       Compact multi-functional mud cleaners are designed combine with Desander and underflow shale shaker. The equipment multifunction feature allows to operator handle assorted drilling fluid viscosity and solids content with this unit.

Reliability:        Mud Cleaner is given a three part coating to make best use of equipment life. Spare parts & consumables are deigned to ensure with low cost & long term product durability.


Hydrocylone device number decide to productivity & rotary flow quantity and custom size 4” hydrocyclone Desilter = 15 ~ 20 m³ / h, 10” hydrocyclone Desilter = 90 ~ 120 m³ / h,

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