Mud Gun

Mud Guns:      Drilling Fluid Mud Guns solid control equipment to prevent mud precipitin except the mud agitator, mud gun is standard mud tank & mud pump. Mud gun have nozzle / multi-nozzles at top of transfer pipe. Mud Guns are light weight, small footprint, easy to transport, nozzle function 360 º rotate effuse mud into mud-tank regularly. Additional feature include 360 º rotation swivel be able to customize to any length.

  • Operate high and regular pressure without difficulty.
  • Swivel and Fix type, 360º rotate mix mud without blind area.
  • Simple & compact design.
  • Execute better working condition.
  • 1 ~ 3 nozzles are options.
  • Easy to operate, maintain and low cost.

OEM unique design makes solid control system with perfect combination and coordination of work into unified whole.

Mud Gun Technical Parameters:

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