Mud Pump

3NB 1600Series & 3NB 1300Series, TFI F-1600HL, F-1600, F-1000, F-800, F-500 Skytop Brewster, Continental Emsco, Gardner Denver, IDECO T-1000, Oilwell, Baoji, National Oilwell Varco 14-P-220 Triplex Mud Pump

Frame:   The machine frame are weld with steel plates, transmission bearing seat, upper & bottom seat of crankshaft made by cast steel. Crankshaft bearing seat ribbed with steel plate and slabs to reinforce the system in order to good stiffness and strength.

Crankshaft made with alloy steel cast.

Transmission Gear Pair:   The gear pair implements herringbone gears with medium hard gear surface, transmission torque huge with strength the system function more stable.

Pinion Shaft:   Made by alloy steel forge, having pulley for belt, installed either side of transmission shaft.

Crosshead:   Crosshead cast made in one-piece with modular cast iron, crossheads have strong resistance to abrasion. Structure of top & bottom guidance be relevant for crossheads in to regulate the concentricity add gasket at the bottom guidance.

Fluid Cylinder:   The cylinder made by forge alloy steel, have straight-way structure seat holes an1:6 and there is a step. The hydraulic cylinder applicable in condition with high pressure, cover and flange at hydraulic cylinder and connected by saw tooth threads, flange mounted on cylinder with bolts make easy to maintenance & replace as require. Cylinder surface made with chemical plating to increase resistance against corrosion.

Valve Assembly:   Mud pumps are equipped valve as API 7 standard. Part fluid end, hydraulic cylinder, liner, piston, valve body, valve seats, valve springs, seal parts, valve cover & cylinder cover are all interchangeable.

Lubrication System:   Oil wipers & oil grooves set at gear shaft, lube oil transmit to two bearing s and transmission shaft of crankshaft as well as lubricating point the top of guide ;oat. Force lubrication device equip at pump external frame.

OEM’s design & manufacture variety of drilling mud pump packages as require by clients. Pump packages utilize in land, offshore drilling, truck-mounted, indoor type, driven by diesel engine type, electric power driven mud pumps and transmission method using by clutches or cardan shaft or belt pulley or chain, provide as require by client with satisfactory solution of the product.

NOV FD-1600


14-P-220 Triplex Mud Pump


TFI F-1600HL Series

Bomco F-1600

Field Multi Connection Pumps

F1600 Engine Driven

1300 hp MP

F1000 Engine Driven

F1000 Engine Driven

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