Zafco Trading Inc. is US based organization, provides with the pool of expertise of its employees, associate, arrangement and Consultants, offer its services for the oil & gas industry.

  • Oil & Gas Drilling & Production Spare Supply & Services.
  • Rig Engineering.
  • Pipeline oil & gas.
  • Administrates, Managerial & Supervise Oil & Gas Drilling Industry Profession.
  • Manage oilfield and drilling rigs equipment repair and refurbish as per API standards.

ZTI provide supply & services to Land, Offshore, Drilling Operation, Integrated Services absolute backup support and spares accessibility with certified engineers, trained technicians and qualified staff.

Zafco have wide-ranging experience in various phases of operations land & offshore drilling, offshore platform maintenance, equipments and accessories for drilling rigs, diesel engines, generators, compressors, Alison transmission, gearbox, hydraulic pumps, safety/fire equipments & accessories, oilfield equipment (OEM) spare parts supply, pipeline for oil & gas

ZTI deliver the project / job on time as per the client specifications. We understand that all of the project / equipment & components must work as to shun expensive downtime cost.

ZTI Human Capital Services to the, energy, construction, and natural resources industries. Our diverse areas of service are all centered on projects with large human capital requirements. We have provided entire teams all the way to drilling and construction teams.