Liner Shale Shaker

The third generation vibrating shake linear motion shaker, using horizontal excitation of vibration motor as vibration source, material on the sieve was up forward for linear motion refer to Linear Shaker, also known as Linear Shaker, its mostly use Shale Shaker. OEM provides Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker and Linear Motion Shaker. All size Shaker Screens, additionally as client requirement shall be provide “Linear Motion or Elliptical Motion & double track movement” units.

Feature of TR Shale Shaker:

  • Use Vibration Motor Italy & Martin Motor USA made.
  • Vibration motor excitation force can be adjusted to meet different viscosity of mud
  • Adjustable Vibration Strength
  • Vibrating Strength 7.5 G
  • Uniform Track Vibration
  • More Choice in Screen Options
  • Available Brandt and Derrick Screens
  • Available different models & capacity units

TR Shale Shaker Technical Parameters:

Features & Advantage:

  • Designs using Solid work Analysis for drilling shale shaker optimize compact and simple structure, excellent performance and cost effective
  • Vibration Motor:       Italian motor:   Oil, IEC EX and ATEX with explosion proof standard available exciting force are adjustable and high vibration strength
  • Deck material: Q345 Alloy high strength
  • Deck passed hot treatment process
  • Surface paint using Japan made paint Kan-Sai heavy anticorrosive epoxy zinc rich paint
  • SIEMENS Schneider Electric components use in electrical items
  • Wedge block design make for replacement easier
  • Deck angle adjustable, performances are reliable
  • Iron frame pyramid screen with big vibration effective sieving area, large treatment capacity, good performance
  • Moderate design of cofferdam height for mud shale shaker log tank equilibrium flow can decrease the crash directly to screen, this equipment extend the screens “lifetime”
  • Ratchet lift be accept for shale shaker structure to simply to operate use

MONGOOSE Shale Shaker:

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