Shear Pump

Shear Pump:     Designed to shear of polymer drilling fluid and clay, sufficiently cut in advance into drilling fluid systems, improved drilling fluid properties full play to its effectiveness, if not cut polymer loops may plug the vibrating screen for first time, a significant loss of polymer increase the drilling cost and may make bigger solid particles too hard to cut; shear pump reduce the use of polymer as a minimum 15% save amount of 30% bentonite, reduce the loss of mud cake and fluid flow, reduce drilling fluid shear rate, improve the gel strength reach to international advance level of similar product.

  • OEM Control Shear Pump retains comprehensive mechanical seal
  • New stylishly design lead equipment extra durable and long service life.
  • Bentonite hydration easier and save 30% of chemical
  • Strong power for polymer hydration provides high grade drilling mud
  • Decrease mud plate and fluid lose

Technical Parameters:

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