Tubing:    The mechanical performance, testing methods, pipe inspection, inspection of threads for tubing & coupling carried out after manufacturing, manufacturing compliance with API 5CT / API 5B STD and industrial Standard SY / T6194.

  • The tubular cover two major categories, “NUE & External EUE”.
  • The products sizes 2⅜”, 2⅞”, 3½”
  • OEM / Manufacturer a variety of anti-corrosion tubing inner lining of glass reinforce plastic with internal coating.

Quality Assurance for Tubing

  • The nondestructive inspection performs by four-function electromagnetic flaw detection equipment using to detect steel grade, transverse, longitudinal flaws and wall thickness.
  • Found any pipe upset use process heat treatment, this treatment computerized control function automatically, after heat treatment pipe undergo via magnetic particle inspection device.
  • Hydrostatic pressure test are controlled automatically, pressure test are complete 100% pipes and test result automatically record.
  • In order to ensure satisfactory performance of tubing and avoid thread gluing, level of thread parameter achieve all as API Specifications.

Main Sizes & Steel Grade of NUE and UEN Tubing & Casing

List of Mechanical Performance:

A wellbore tubular is used to produce reservoir fluids. Production tubing is assembled with other completion components to make up the production string. The production tubing selected for any completion should be compatible with the wellbore geometry, reservoir production characteristics and the reservoir fluids.

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