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Zafco Oilfield Services Inc (ZOSI)

If anyone interested in possible future employment as an engineer or rig crew send a CV with covering letter to :  


There have been a growing number of recruitment scams being reported in recent times. Please be cautious of any unsolicited offers of employment where you are being requested to pay money or to provide personal information. Please take note that:

  1. ZOSI does not send unsolicited offers of employment in any form, prior to receiving your qualifications and discussing the position details with you.
  2. ZOSI does not request job candidates for the payment of money or to obtain a work permit/ visa/ certificate at your own cost without any prior signed contract and in an appropriate procedure.
  3. net” is the only domain name and email address format used in the company. Emails received from other email domains (e.g. Gmail or any kind of web email addresses) are likely fabricated.

If you have any doubts on the truthfulness of any communication received bearing or mentioning the name ZAFCO, you may email us at  you may also report suspected fraud activity to your local police authorities.