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ZAFCO was established Houston TX in 2002 to provide oil & gas drilling land, offshore, for project management & operation, integrated services, oilfield equipment & drilling rigs repair & maintenance.

Our management has the experience in delivering reliable, accurate, and sustainable solutions across a wide range of disciplines.

Our services facilitate our clients across the complete their projects. We understand the impact we have on their projects, and work closely with our clients to ensure delivery.

Our mission is to maintain management & services with best oilfield skill, equipment and integrated services. We work with our clients to provide a complete service experience that result in satisfaction, measurable cost efficiencies, and sustainable performance improvement.
Serve with oil & gas industry, highly motivated workforce in drilling & oilfield sector which leads to higher productivity, better customer service, produce sizable cost saving, a positive industrial climate. A harmonious working environment belongs with creative and high performance culture.

Zafco is committed to provide excellence our clients in oil & gas industry experienced human resources and top of the line equipment as effortless as possible, company associated with manufacturers that strictly conform to API and/or ISO standards.


ZOSI provide with the pool of expertise its employees, associate, arrangement, Petroluem Consultant offer services at Land, Offshore Drilling, Third Party Management & Operation, Integrated Services and Repair & Maintenance Services for oil, gas & geothermal industry, complete backup support & spares accessibility with our certified engineers, trained technicians and qualified staff.

Zafco Oilfield
Services Inc.

Oil & Gas 100%
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