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Our Services
  • Geothermal Drilling.
  • Manpower Services.
  • Workover & Well Services.
  • Oilfield Integrated Services.
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Land/Offshore.
  • Electrical / Mechanical Contractor.
  • Water Desalination Supply & Services.
  • Electrical/Mechanical Contractor Services.
  • Production Platform Maintenance Services.
  • Fishing & Milling Supplies & Call base Services.
  • Oil Refinery Installation & Maintenance Services
  • Offshore Production Platform Maintenance Services.
  • MWD / LWD RSS Spares Supplies & INTEGRITY Call base Services.
  • Civil Construction, Rig Road, Rig Platform Cellar/Pad for OIL & Gas Wells.
  • Oilfield Development & Abandons (Orphan) Wells Enhancement Services.
  • Oilfield, Rig & Hydraulic Equipments, Diesel Engines OEM Spare Supplies.
  • Oil & Gas, Water, Pipeline & Fabrication Oil Storage Tanks as per API Spec’s.
  • Third Party Management / Operation Drilling & Workover Land / Offshore Services
  • Consultancy for Petroleum Engineering, Operation Wellsite Supervision for Drilling, Completion and Frac Operations.

ZOSI is committed to supply high level of service to its clients. ZOSI policy on continual improvement, we focus our attention on performing the best result oriented operations for the client’s best interest and give our full attention on constant communication with our clients and there staff, so that we may best serve their requirements. ZOSI deliver the project/job on time as per client stipulation. We understand that all of the project / equipment & components must work as to avoid expensive downtime cost. We thoroughly test equipment in the basic to eliminate problems in the field.

ZOSI offer our (above listed) services, oilfield & drilling rigs equipment’s and spare parts for diesel engines, diesel / gas generators, compressors, hydraulic pumps, safety / fire equipments & accessories.

Dedicate Quality Control at no extra charge
Competitive and attractive costs with quality work